• Mayingyi Beach

Dawei Beach - Mayinggyi Beach

Mayinggyi Beach is a very famous beach near Dawei. The beach is known for its amazing views and a great spot to take beautiful photos.

 Mayingyi Beach
It 's a beach near Dawei deep sea port project. It takes 50 min driving from Dawei. Currently, there are not many tourists except locals. It is a place of very beautiful big rocks.There are local shops to eat , fresh sea food and variety of reasonable price, Coconut water is also avaliable.If you reached at the evening, when sitting on the big rock you can see really nice sunset....

How to get to Mayinggyi beach

Mayinggyi beach is not far away from Dawei. You can go by motorbikes and cars...

Sometimes you can bike with a group of friends

It takes around two hours or three hours in a bicycle.

Swimming, Walking, Looking Sunset view,  

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