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Dawei Myanmar; Beaches, History & Pagoda

Dawei is an ideal base for travelers who would like to experience all facets of live in Tanintharyi: beaches, lush orchards, local wisdom, fresh air and the fresh flavors of the sea.

Dawei is a charming peaceful and green town on the bank of the Dawei river and was known till 1989 as Tavoy. Dawei is the capital of the Tanintharyi Region in Southern Myanmar and was awarded in 2019 with the ASEAN Clean Tourist City Standard Award.

Dawei is a laid back charming town, an ideal destination for family vacations, people who are interested in culture and history and beach lovers looking to escape the crowds. Dawei is home to many breathtaking beautiful beaches. One of the most popular beaches is Maungmakan Beach.  A clean and serene beach to relax and indulge in the fresh seafood at the restaurants and cafes located at the beach.

The surroundings of Dawei are dotted with pagodas of special interest are the nine Shin Koe Shin Pagodas. If you visit all these pagodas in one day, all your wishes become true.

Dawei is an ideal base for travelers who would like to experience all facets of life in Tanintharyi: from the lush orchards of Dawei’s interior to the local wisdom, fresh air and fresh flavors of fishers’ lives. On the Dawei peninsular, white sand beaches are easily accessible with a car journey of one hour drive or less. 

Highlights include exploring history through Dawei's beautifully preserved vintage houses, a bustling morning market, local cottage industries and scenes of river life. Dawei's closest city beach, Maungmagan is a 45-minute trip.

"Among many places I have been, the most unforgettable one is Dawei which is in southern Myanmar.
Myanmar Times

A great way to explore the green city and surroundings of Dawei is renting a cycle or electric cycle. 

Climate: Dawei has a hot and tropical climate, with mild winter season (Nov - Feb) the heavy monsoon rains occur from June to early October which is an ideal time to enjoy the waterfalls around Dawei.

Tourist Information Centre

Address: Bogyoke Street , Ta Line Htein Quarter , Dawei

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday:  10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday : Closed 


How To Get To Dawei:

Most visitors arrive by flights from Yangon or via Myeik. If you arrive at the airport of Dawei you can take a tuk tuk to your hotel. 

You can also travel overland from Yangon by car or bus (approximately 12 hours) or by bus from Kawthaung (10 hours).


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