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Island Hopping - Smart Island

Smart Island a true paradise has two different beaches. One beach is full of white sand has a natural cave with big rocks and a blue lagoon. The other beach of Smart Island is full with colorful gravels and lovely photo spot.

Smart Island is one of the most popular islands in the Myeik Archipelago. 

The Myeik (Mergui) archipelago lies off the far south coast of Myanmar and is comprised of over eight hundreds of islands that have coral reefs and beaches. There are many famous islands such as Macleod Island, Lanbi Kyun and Nyaung Oo Phee Island etc. 

Smart Island is also called Parpant Kyun in Myanmar. It is not far from Myeik town and it is one of the unspoiled islands in Myanmar. In this island, there are two beaches. These two are different. One beach is full of white sand and water is clear and clean in this beach. In this beach, there is also a real natural cave with big rocks and blue lagoon between the two big rocks. And the other beach has no sand and full of colourful gravels. This beach is clean and the water is clear because there is no sand in the water. There are woods between these two beaches. It takes three minutes from one beach to another. This is so wonderful island because one island has two different beaches. They are not man-made beaches. They are real natural aesthetic beaches.

Beach Smart IslandInstagram Photo: Colorful Gravels on Smart Island: A hidden place south of Myanmar says Min Htwe Thaik


In Smart island, there are woods between two beaches. This wood link these two beaches. There are many activities on this island such as swimming, snorkelling, playing football, etc. It is the best place for snorkelling because water is clear and see a lot of beautiful coral reef and different kinds of colourful fishes. The island is free of plastic bags, bottles and rubbish. It is a suitable island for nature-lovers. It is not allowed for fishing in order to protect many species of fishes. In the wood of the island, people make camping because the woods are not thick.

Smart Island is 55 miles far from Myeik town and it is not too far. It takes 2 hours by speed boat. There is also a one-day trip package from Myeik town to this island. The fee is MMk 70000 per person.

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