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Pearl Farming

MYEIK- Plans are produced golden pearls which are very popular among the international countries.

Pearl Tourism in Myanmar

         Pearl is the queen of the gems and it represents purity, nobility, and gorgeousness. In Myeik Archipelago which is located in far southern Myanmar and consists of more than 800 islands, pearls are famous local products. As a part of tourism promotion activities in Myanmar, the government allowed 11 pearl farms in myeik archipelago to open for local people and tourists who are interested in pearls. So, tourists can take a visit to pearl farms in Golden island, Lga Lone La Phal island, Jalan island, and Kyun Su island and a government-managed farm in Bokepyin township. These farms are opened from October to April (within Peak Season). During these months, they are opened three days a week, and visitors need a day trip to visit the farms. 

How to form Pearl 

         Natural pearls are formed in the inner sides of the oyster’s shell without human creations. The oysters cover their inner bodies of the shell layer by mantle or the layer of the tissues. Nacre which is produced by the cells of the mantle tissues cover onto the inner surface of the shell, and this is what gives the shell its glossy or lustrous look. Oysters are sorts of filter feeders because they obtain their food by filtering water in and over their gills. And the pearl sac is obtained from the internal or external layer of the epithelium of the mantle and these epithelial cells of the pearl sac secrets the nacre. By repeating this secretion process many times, it can produce a pearl. The natural pearls are found not only inside of an oyster’s shell but also on the shell of the oyster.

          When some kinds of other aquatic animals attempt to penetrate the shell of oysters, the oysters try to block the holes that will occur by nacre. And then it results in forming Blister Pearl. These blister pearls are usually large in size because they are formed attached to the inner surface of the shell, not the inside of the bodies. Blister Pearl which is the world’s largest natural pearl was found in near Kawthaung Township in 200 and the size of this pearl was 62mm×50mm×31mm and it weighed 45.06 momme.

            Cultured Pearl is a pearl created by the human beings under controlled conditions. Humans implant the nucleus around which the oyster secretes layer after layer of nacre, the substance that forms the pearl into the oyster shell with mantle tissue. In order to prevent the nucleus from moving away easily and produce a huge pearl, the experts have to make incisions the oyster’s body. Moreover, Mabe pearls, also known as half-pearl, are cultivated on the inside of the oyster’s shell by attaching a small nucleus to the oyster’s shell.

           Visiting the pearl farms is a unique experience for visitors because they can explore the production of pearls, preserving the oyster, and the processes of cultivating pearls. They can also buy pearls and oyster products at the farms and can also go snorkeling near the islands.

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