Plan Your Trip-Tanintharyi History

Tanintharyi has a rich history, characterized by the ebb and flow of Burmese and Thai empires. Battles for territory have seen this bountiful land pass backwards and forwards between Burmese and Thai control for over 1000 years. Trade brought foreigners to Tanintharyi as far back as 1545, when a Portuguese expeditionary chronicle refers to Tenasserim, along the northwest coast of the Thai–Malay Peninsula. The modern territory of Tanintharyi was defined following wars with the British, who seized all of Lower Burma after the Second Anglo Burmese war of 1852. Upon independence from Britain in 1948, the northeastern districts of Tanintharyi were placed into the newly created Karen State. In 1974, the northern part of remaining Tanintharyi was carved out to create Mon State and Tanintharyi’s capital was moved to Dawei. In 1989 the division's English spelling was officially changed to Tanintharyi.


Tanintharyi Facts

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