Regional Tourism Committee Meeting 4-2020 was held

Regional Tourism Committee Meeting of Tanintharyi Region, Myanmar

Tanintharyi Regional Tourism Committee Meeting (4/2020) was held in Tanintharyi Regional Government Office’s meeting room in 17th July, 2020.

Chief Minister of Tanintharyi attended this meeting as the Chairman of the Regional Tourism Committee and delivered the Opening Speech. In this speech, he said that in 2019, this Regional Committee meeting was held four times. In 2020, this meeting is the fourth time. As the Regional Tourism Committee, applying the licenses for operating hotels, travels & tours and regional guides, and the hotels’ construction were allowed by the laws. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we suffered from the impacts of Covid-19 in the tourism sector, so we are exempting the fees of applying the hotel licenses and are conducting the plans to open the hotels with the Covid-19 control guidance (Tourism National Guidelines for Covid-19 Safe Services) of Ministry of Health & Sports, Ministry of Transportation and Communication, Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture, including Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. In conclusion, he said that we need to develop tourism sector sustainably with the cooperation of private sectors.

According to the agenda, Director U Nyo Aye for the Directorate of Hotels and Tourism, Tanintharyi Region explained about the issues of applying the hotels licenses, travel & tours license, regional tour guides’ licenses and other tourism issues. After that, other committee members also discussed about those issues and the meeting successfully completed at 16:30 pm.