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Reopened Hotels of Dawei

Hotels that have the recommendation from Health Department, Hotel Inspection Team, and regional government are opened under the guidelines of Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.

Name of Hotel Address Phone No. E.mail Remark
Pale Eikari Hotel No(572),Yeyake Thar St, Myaukyar Qr, Dawei 059-21780 [email protected] Opened
Garden Hotel No(88),Yae St,Anauk Yap Qr, Dawei 059-22116 [email protected] Opened
D-Golden Guest Hotel No(59), Myo Twin St, Anauk Yap Qr, Dawei 059-21351 [email protected] Opened
D-New Light Hotel N0(29), Arzarni St, Shanma Lalswal Qr, Dawei 059-23951 [email protected] Opened
Zayar Htet San Hotel No(566), Yeyake Thar St, Myaukyar Qr, Dawei 059-23902 [email protected] Opened
Shwe Maung Than Hotel No(665),Pakauoku St, Myaukyar Qr, Dawei 059-23763 [email protected] Opened
D-Diamond Crown Hotel No(651), Yae St, Myaukyar Qr, Dawei 059-21117 [email protected] Opened
Hotel Dawei No(7-A), Arzarni St, Byaw Taw Wa Qr, Dawei 059-23927 [email protected] Opened
New Power Hotel No(1A/8D), Kamyaw Kin St, Sinpanint Qr, Dawei 059-2023228 [email protected] Opened
Maungmagan Resort Hotel Maungmagan Village, Launglon Ts, Dawei 09-422201819 [email protected] Opened
DDPC Resort Hotel No(169-A), Maungmagan Village, Launglon Ts, Dawei 09-422217458 [email protected] Opened
Dream Emperor Guest House No(649),Yae St, Paenaltaw Qr, Dawei 059-22166 [email protected] Opened
Shwe Moe Guest House No(38), Aungthiri St, Nyaungyan Taung Qr, Dawei 09-427788789 [email protected] Opened
Coconut Guest House No(11), Phaungtaw Oo Thawal St, Maungmagan Village, Launglon Ts, Dawei 09-423713681 [email protected] Opened
Sin Htauk Guest House Sin Htauk Village, Launglone Ts, Dawei 09-422218663   Opened
Dawei River View Resort No(161/162),Myothit 7thSt, Sen Sake Qr, Dawei 09-796466097 [email protected] Opened

Hotels in Dawei

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