Reopened Hotels of Kawthaung

Hotels that have the recommendation from Health Department, Hotel Inspection Team, and regional government are opened under the guidelines of Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.

Name of Hotel Address Phone No. E.mail Remark
Victoria Cliff Hotel No(1), Aye Chan Myine Qr, Shwepyi Soe Village, Kawthaung 09-422200716 [email protected] Opened
Garden Hotel Bahao St, Patauk Shwe War Qr, Kawthaung 059-51731 [email protected] Opened
Honey Bear Hotel Stand Rd, Aannawar Qr, Kawthaung 059-51353 [email protected] Opened
Penguin Hotel Myolalkyune St, Aannawar Qr, Kawthaung 059-51145 [email protected] Opened
Kaw Thaung Motel Bosonpat St, Patauk Shwe War Qr, Kawthaung 059-51974   Opened