Reopened Hotels of Myeik

Hotels that have the recommendation from Health Department, Hotel Inspection Team, and regional government are opened under the guidelines of Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.

Name of Hotel Address Phone No. E.mail Remark
Myeik Hotel Kachin St, Myeik 059-42427 Hotelmergui,[email protected] Opened
Mya Seesein Hotel Standard St, Talaing Su Qr, Myeik 059-41272 [email protected] Opened
Eain Taw Phyu Hotel No(42), Kanphyar Rd, Kanphyar Qr, Myeik 09-260769789 [email protected] Opened
Pear Laguna Resort Hotel University Rd, Myeik 09-428235234 [email protected] Opened
Kyan Pyan Hotel No(74), Dawei Su Qr, Myeik 059-42135 [email protected] Opened
Golden Sky Hotel No(241/A), Yaepoe Qr, Kalwin Village, Myeik 09-422200494 [email protected] Opened
Royal Blossom Hotel No(86), Winkabar St, Chaunggyi Qr, Tanintharyi 09-428760336 myeikroyal[email protected] Opened
Green Eyes Hotel No(164), Zayhaung St, Zaytan Qr, Myeik 09-2581441235 [email protected] Opened
Regent Hotel No(132), Kanphyar Rd, Kanphyar Qr, Myeik 09-253374296 [email protected] Opened
Myint Mo(2) Hotel N0(15-B),Bandula St, Ka Lwin Qr, Myeik 09-422194709 [email protected] Opened
Sun Guest House No(1), Kauk Rd, Myin Nge Qr, Myeik 09-41004824 [email protected] Opened
White Peral Guest House Bo Gyoke Rd, Talaing Su Qr, Myeik 09-5640537 [email protected] Opened
Pale  Mon Guest House Tanintharyi Rd, Myeik 059-41842 [email protected] Opened
Myeik Tawwin Guest House No(137), Hlaing Thit Store Rd, Seik Nge Qr, Myeik 09-49872208 [email protected] Opened
Dolphin Inn Guest House No(139), Kan Phyar Rd, Myeik 059-42868 [email protected] Opened