Shin Koe Shin Pagodas

Make your wishes come true by praying in all of Shin Koe Shin Pagodas within one day.

Open Time : 5 am to 9 pm 

The Shin Koe Shin Pagodas are now opened under the guide lines of Ministry Of Health and Sport for COVID -19.

For the latest information about restrictions in Tanintharyi Region, please refer to Travel Tanintharyi COVID-19 website.

Shin Koe Shin Pagodas are nine pagodas in and around Dawei which are very powerful, traditional and historical pagodas.Despite having iesser historical and archaeological evidence, nine pagodas under titles of Shin where people from various regions of the nation make pilgrimage tours have been famous due to successive preservations.

Shin Koe Shin pagodas can be divided into three categories: mountain pagodas, forest pagodas, and city pagodas. There are three mountain pagodas-Shin Sandaw Pagoda, Shin Hmyaw Taung Pagoda and Shin Taunt Pon Pagoda. The three forest pagodas are Shin DatWe Pagoda, Shin ZaLun Pagoda, and Shin Tauk Htein Pagoda, and the third is Shin Pin Khayu Pagoda, Shin Okaw  Pagoda, and Shin Mokhtee Pagoda, three town pagodas.

Shin Tauk Htein Pagoda 


Shin Hsandaw Pagoda, famous as Hsandawshin Hsutaungpyae Pagoda on Kalein Hill, was built on Kaleinaung Hill in Yebyu Township. The hill is 47 miles north of Dawei.

Shin Hmyaw Taung Pagoda is a hilly pagoda in Launglon Township, located in Kyethlut Village, 52 miles from Dawei.

Shin Taunt Pon Pagoda built on more than 2,000 feet high hill, 18 miles from Dawei, in Thayetchaung Township.

Shin Datwe Pagoda built by Shin Zan is located in Maungmeishaung Village, seven miles from Dawei-Yebyu motor road.

Emblems of Srivaccha were expressed on concrete floral works created around the upper part of the bell at Shin Zalun Pagoda.

Shin Tauk Htein Pagoda located in Kamyawkin Village of Launglon Township in Dawei.

Shin Pin Khayu Pagoda located on Arzani Road in South Kayinpyin Ward of Dawei.

Shin Okaw Pagoda, located in the precinct of Shwekyaunggyi Monastery in Peinnetaw Ward of Dawei.
Shinmokhtee Village, six miles from Dawei, derived from Mottathunakhagara City.
Shin Pin Khayu Pagoda

Domestic tourists always visit there because people believe that dreams will be fulfilled by praying in these pagodas. Among them, three pagodas are in the city and take only 10 to 15 minutes from the hotels. Others are outside of Dawei town and it takes 20 minutes to 5 hours to get there.

Domestic tourists used to visit Shin Maw Pagoda because, on the way of this, there are more than 5 popular beaches and mangrove forest. If you come down from Yangon to Dawei, you can visit San Taw Shin Pagoda which is on the top of the mountain with a very nice view. Each pagoda has an interesting story and you can learn by visiting there.

Shwe Tharlyaung Pagoda

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