• Statue of Bayint Naung

Statue of King BayintNaung - Things to do in Kawthaung

Beautiful powerful statue of the great Burmese King BayintNaung, a nice place to take photos.

Bayintnaung Hill with the statue of the great Burmese King BayintNaung is an iconic land mark of Kawthaung. The hill gives nice overview over Bayintnaung point, also known as Victoria Cape, the southernmost part of Myanmar.

After the fall of the Pagan Kingdom in the 13th century, King Bayintnaung re-united Myanmar again and created the most powerful kingdom in South East Asia empire between 1550 and 1581. The King unified Myanmar and conquered parts of China and Thailand.

Burmese are proud of King Bayintnaung and love to take pictures with the statue. 

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